A few words about me and the beginnings…


I was always interested in dogs since I was a child. I kept reading newspapers, books or watch movies. Nothing mattered just dog had to be in there.  My firs dog was Lerry. I received him when I was 18.

    He was a mixed-breed dog, headstrong but unbelievably smart. I taught him everything I could. Once when we were on our way out I seen a young girl with an extraordinarily cute dog. As I observed them my attention passes by their relationship. I’ve never seen something similar until this time. I figure out that the canine was a Golden retriever. I made a search about these kind of dogs and as much as I know, as much as I want one of this breed.

   But at the time I hadn’t had the opportunity to keep a Golden retriever.  Lerry become old fellow when my family first considered buying another dog. I mention my desire suggest we should buy a Golden retriever.From this point it was just question of time when we will have bought one. At last in spring of 2004 arrived the awaited puppy.  We taught him things from the first minute but we missed the right time of the special targeted education. Even so we went to a dog exhibition once because our pals always press forward us. To our great surprise Cooper won the second award. I fell in love with this world and nowadays I am one of the regular participants of the dog championships. I found new amazing friends in the dog-schools and exhibitions furthermore learn a lot by them. Now I have three Retrievers and I try to give them lots of love. They live with us like family members and they allow to go everywhere in the house except the bedrooms. I regularly take care of them. Three or four times in a week we visit the nearby rivers and meadows. I recommend this kind of dog for families because of its faithfulness, hilarious behaviour and child-loving attitude. It will be our good friend for long time with observant education.

  Thanks for my husband for his useful advices and his support. Without him I might not be Retriever fan and owner and thanks for those friends too who helped us by their advices.
Let’s look around                              Have a good time!