A kiskutyák 2015 május 21-én születtek!

Garry from Reedy Gold

Grant from Reedy Gold

Ginger from Reedy Gold

Gladys from Reedy Gold

Genny from Reedy Gold

Grayce from Reedy Gold

A  kiskutyák törzskönyve

Pearl of Hunters Hot'N Cold

HD /A     ED /0     OCD /0

Erinderry Just The Ticket from Bluewaters

Gunhills Blue River

Erinderry Firebird

Burning Hot of The Famous Family

Ashbury Angel Heart

Dewmist Star of The Blue Hope

Gill From


HD /A  ED /0

Erinderry Night Dreamer

Marjamez Midnight Covboy AT Vestervane 

Erindery Gaelic Breeze

Sundance Golden's Nora

Sundence Golden's Gentlemans

Sundance Goldenen's Alexis